Looking to buy a pet bird?


1. Cockatiel – Cockatiels are sociable and affectionate birds. There are parent-raised and hand-fed cockatiels. Bird Paradise ONLY sells hand-fed babies. Parent-raised cockatiels are generally not as tame and can be difficult to handle.
2. Lovebirds – It is a myth that lovebirds are best kept in pairs. Lovebirds are best housed alone. Two lovebirds raised together will bond for life and generally bond more to each other than to their human owners. Also, lovebirds can be fearless and if housed with other birds, can become territorial.
3. Rosey Bourkes – Bourkes have a sweet and gentle temperament. They are affectionate without being needy or clingy. They enjoy the attention of their owners but, are more independent than other small birds and are happy to entertain themselves when their owner is not present.
4. Canaries/Finches – Although canaries and other finches prefer not to be handled, compared to birds in the psittacine family, they are enjoyable to watch. Male canaries will sing, if housed separately. All canaries are a type of finch; however, not all finches are canaries. With the exception of canaries, finches should be purchased in pairs for mutual companionship.

Healthy Bird Nutrition for Small Pet Birds

Healthy Bird Nutrition for Small Pet Birds Is The Key to a Long Life

Smaller birds like Cockatiels, Bee Bees, Lovebirds, and Rosey Bourkes require seed as part of their diet.

However, an all seed diet is too much fat and detrimental to the liver. In addition to seeds, these little birds require pellets. Pellets are an extruded diet and contain vitamins and minerals, eliminating the need for any supplements to be added to the drinking water.
Bird Paradise has carefully formulated a seed mixture and pellet based mixture for the little guys. Our seed mixture is called Deluxe Small Hookbill, containing the highest quality seeds (no sunflower or safflower),dried vegetables, herbs, and bee pollen. Click here to find out more. Our pellet based mixture is called Benji Blend, a smaller version of the best selling Ultimate Blend. Benji contains natural pellets, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the key to any bird’s life, be it a cockatiel all the way to a macaw, requires lots of daily fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits like apples, grapes, and bananas, although not harmful, are higher in sugar than more nutritious fruits like papaya, mango, kiwi, dragon fruit, blueberries, peaches ,mango, and strawberries. It is best to give more vegetables than fruits because vegetables contain the calcium and Vitamin A that birds tend to lack. With the exception of avocado, celery, spinach, and asparagus, indulge your bird broccoli, kale, romaine, green beans, peas, corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, etc. If the vegetable is orange, it is best to cook it, as this enhances the absorption of the naturally occurring Vitamin A. Otherwise, raw is best. Exception: do not give raw legumes.

The Best Bird Play Stands and Perch Choices

Perch Here, Not There!

Think of bird play stands as a “staycation” destination. cockatoo using tool on perchYour bird’s cage is its home within your home. Unlike dogs and cats who follow you around without problems, birds are left to fly after you, birds landing on curtains, furniture, etc. can be a problem. The solution is to provide a place where your bird can safely perch nearby.

Medium to large parrots do well on a rolling java tree natural bird stand. These natural bird perches in different sizes have multiple levels to encourage climbing for bird exercise and hooks to hang bird toys for play and foraging. Bird Paradise java trees come with food and water dishes so you don’t have to worry about your bird going without food and/or water.

bird stand Java Tree for parrots imageFor the smaller birds, table top java trees are available. These also have hooks to hang toys and can be easily moved from room to room.

Natural bird playstands are the perfect way to have birds out with their owners in a safe and entertaining environment. These “staycations” are the answer to well-behaved and well-socialized birds.