Footprints on My Heart

photoThose who know me are well aware of the tremendous love I have for birds. Customers will come to the store and ask the name of a particular bird.  I always say that if we give them a name , I have to take them home 🙂  There is something about naming an animal that suddenly makes the relationship very personal.

We recently sold a hyacinth macaw that Kristine, our manager called “BooBoo”.  This macaw made her way into my heart. Everyday as I came to work and she was on her java playstand, I would stop to tell her hello and give her a kiss. She was so gentle and loving, as well as incredibly playful.  One day I was in another part of the store and heard the employees say, “Oh no, look where she is!” They called for me and I saw BooBoo at the  top of a huge and very tall java tree. I had to get a step ladder to reach her and as soon as she saw me step up to get her, she laughed and moved just far enough away so she was out of my reach.

BooBoo has a wonderful owner who has invited me to come see her whenever I want.  She and I had a special bond. I loved her and respected her, and will forever. “Love” and “Respect” are in my opinion,  very important components of a good relationship with any animal. This very special hyacinth truly left footprints on my heart.