About Kathy’s Corner

kathyphotoWelcome to my blog on exotic birds.
My name is Kathy Lance and I am a bird lover and care giver for birds.
I am an experienced professional in exotic birds, contributor to Pet Product News and Bird Talk Magazine; in addition, earned a Certificate of Excellence from ParrotTalk.com in the online course , “Living and Learning with Parrots: The Fundamentals of Behavior” by Professor. S. G Friedman, PhD.

I  have studied parrots for the past 30 years, and this knowledge, along with a master’s degree in International Management and a degree in teaching, provide the ideal opportunity for me to fulfill two passions – my love of parrots and educating the avian community.

Having shared my life with parrots for over 30 years, it goes without saying that these wonderful creatures have and continue to bring me much joy. I would like to think it is a reciprocal relationship.

Because of my passion for birds, I will be taking you on a journey each week. The focus will be upon education, on such topics as individual species, how to select a companion parrot, preparing the optimal environment for your “fid” (including proper nutrition, cage size and setup, lighting, toys, and play area), skills to teach, behavioral concepts (including preventing and solving issues), etc.

In addition, there will be anecdotal stories from my personal flock.  Sharing my life with Jose, my yellow nape, who came to me from Ecuador and speaking Portuguese, back when importation was allowed, has never been dull. Back in the day, birds were not DNA’d and so it was my son who named “him”  after Jose Conseco, the baseball player. Several years later, we were surprised to find Jose had laid an egg. However, Jose will always be Jose, despite the fact that he turned out to be she.

And, when living with three cockatoos, life is always a “love fest” of sorts. My goffin/citron named Magoo never ceases to melt my heart. Everyday she tells me that she loves me.  There are those that would say believing she can express a human feeling such as love, is anthropomorphic but, I will nonetheless, love her unconditionally and never stop smiling each time I’m in her presence.

I hope you will be a partner with me on this weekly Blogging journey. It is for those who have never had a bird before, those who are new to this avian world, as well as the veteran bird owners who truly know what it means to experience life in the “feathered lane”.

In my opinion, there is a tremendous need for valuable and reliable information with regards to companion birds. And in that regard, I know that knowledge is power and when bird owners have good information, they are then better able to provide the very best care for these wonderful, intelligent, and amazing creatures.