Meet Amazing Leo!

Meet Leo! Leo is a Moluccan Cockatoo who is a longtime friend of mine. Leo’s Daddy does a lot of traveling and so Leo has earned his “frequent boarding miles”.

This Moluccan Cockatoo has built his own fan club at the store. There is always literally a crowd of people around Leo, taking videos and pictures of him. Leo’s a terrific talker and his antics always bring a smile to everyone’s face.  He has even learned to whisper, when he forgets to use his “inside voice.”

I have three cockatoos of my own and they are all well-adjusted, loving birds. The key with raising Cockatoos is to teach them independence. Birds that know only being “velcroed” to their owners tend to develop negative behaviors. I have taught my birds to play in their cage when I am not at home and to play on their java stands when I am home. The latter enables my birds and I to enjoy each other’s company without them wandering around and without them being literally attached to me.

I provide them with our Ultimate Blend for superior nutrition, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, along with Momma’s Birdie Bread. They have LOTS of toys including foraging opportunities. And of course, lots of out of cage time on their java stands.  Cockatoos, if raised properly, provide a lifetime of love and affection.