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As a contributor in Pet Product News International Kathy is quoted.

In the Will Work for food article.
Stock toys the make birds work for their food article by Nikki Moustaki
Kathy was asked by Nikki about foraging toys for birds. “ Birds in the wild spend their days interacting with other parrots, chewing on bark and foraging in trees and on the ground for food,” says Kathy Lance Bird Toys should provide the opportunity to chew and the ability to search for food. Most people are familiar with traditional bird toys like mirrors, swings and chunks of wood on rope. But toys manufacturers are now addressing the need for foraging and enrichment in birds”

As a contributor Kathy was asked about by Nikki Moustaki to contribute to her article on Birds Can Join the Gym Too.

When asked about the need birds have for exercise Kathy told Pet News International “ A birds life should not revolve around it’s cage. Birds become territorial around their cages and the lack of a seerate play area can exacerbate that issue. Play gyms also give birds a change of environment and allow them to play and interact with the family without being physically attached to a person or wandering around the house and getting into trouble.”

When asked how to market the gyms in a store setting Kathy says” the best way to display play gyms is to use store birds as models. Having birds playing on a stand decorated with the appropriate toys says it ll. Creating a play environment allows customers to see the function of the various gyms, and seeing birds enjoying themselves away form a cage is always a good sell.